About Me

There is a lifetime of stories I could tell you about me from before I found fibres and stumbled into weaving.  Like about South Africa where I was born, about growing up and living in Switzerland where I learned how to snow board on the Alps, about backpacking solo around Australia and having a life and death experience, to living abroad in Sweden with our girls, but for now let's stick to the basics.

Fibres over the past 4 years has become my passion.  

What started out as a bit of a hobby right before the pandemic hit, quickly became my way of life.  

Rooted came to be when we relocated to the Maritimes.  As my little hobby became more lucrative we knew that I needed more space and I needed a studio in order to expand my creativity and business.  We bought an 1850 7 bedroom pink Victorian on the shores of the Bay of Fundy site unseen.  Crazy I know.  The house allows us the freedom to hold not only my studio but also room to grow.

The hope is that soon, once some minor renovations are complete I can welcome students into our home that are eager to learn about my Craft.  

Recently, I have also been able to purchase a new Leclerc Mira Floor loom. This loom will allow me to weave more intricate woven projects, such as blankets, woven clothes and rugs.  Dreams do come true...chase them!  Always.