Collection: Bobbiny Macrame Cord

Premium Macrame cord manufactured in a small family factory in Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱
We are Eco friendly! Made of recycled cotton thread.
Neither water nor toxic chemicals are involved in the production of our cords. We try to minimize energy consumption as much as possible and reduce CO2 emissions. The string is wound up on a biodegradable paper spool
The recycling materials from which the yarn is made from are both production waste from factories and consumers in the form of used clothes and other cotton textiles.  They are considered used up and by all means trash.  It is an amazing ECO friendly way of creating new art with what otherwise would be in the landfill.  
The Cords 1.5mm / 3mm / 5mm / 9mm Singles, Twist 3 ply and Braided
They work perfectly not only for macramé projects but also for weaving, knitting, crochet and other techniques
Single Twist - Made by twisting the soft cotton fibers together into four sizes of cords that you can later brush out nicely.
3 Ply  - Made by combining three separate single-twisted parts into a spiral. This unique structure provides a compelling effect both within knots and when brushed out.
Braided - Produced in three sizes using a highest quality cotton thread. Caution- they cannot be brushed out!