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Hand Spun Art Yarn

What better way to add texture and interest to your weavings than with Art yarn.  Art yarn is a term used to describe, bulky, coiled, primarily core spun yarn.  I mostly use Merino wool, but also a lot of polwarth, Corriedale, bamboo, soy, acrylic, bio nylon to name a few.  These fibres are then hand blended on my carder where I can create a one of a kind custom batt.   Add ins can include Angelina which is sparkle, sari silk waste, silk Noil, wool nepps, wool locks,  recycled cotton and scraps, soy, bamboo, flax, hemp -  the list is endless. This creates a batt which is then ready to spin.  

My coiled yarns are core spun and then steam set.   I also ensure all yarns are tied off, but fraying and unravelling can occur during shipment.