About Me

There are a lifetime of stories about me from before I stumbled into this wonderful world of fibres.  About being born in South Africa, or growing up in Switzerland where I learned how to snow board on the Swiss Alps, or about backpacking solo around Australia and having a life and death experience, or to living abroad in Sweden with our girls, but for now let's stick to this...

  What started out as a bit of a hobby right before the pandemic hit, quickly became my way of life and over the past 4 years, weaving, spinning, dyeing and all things fibre has become my way of life. 

 As my little hobby became more lucrative we knew that I needed more space.  I needed a studio. We bought a 7 bedroom pink Victorian, built in 1850, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in the Maritimes, site unseen, sold and packed up our lives in Ottawa and moved East.  And so Rooted Woven Art was born!

I started spinning my own yarn, when I had a vision of being able to create a woven wall hanging, that was 100% mine right down to the yarn used.  This then quickly expanded with me dyeing my own fibres, which became an opportunity to share my creations with fellow weavers.  And so for the last 3 years, along with my hand spun and hand dyed fibres, I have slowly sourced and curated additional fibres that I sell in my shop worldwide.  

In 2023 I was able to purchase a brand new Leclerc Mira Floor loom. This loom will allow me to weave more intricate woven projects, such as blankets, woven clothes and rugs.  I look forward to finding the time to dedicate my time to this new and interesting direction. 


 Dreams do come true...chase them!  Always.