Shipping...this is a touchy subject I know.  No one likes paying for shipping charges, especially when they are so high.  Small Businesses like Rooted are unable to absorb the cost of shipping, and unfortunately cannot offer free shipping like Amazon does for example.  

 Here is Canada shipping has reached an all time high and a notice today by the only shipping method available to me "Canada Post" increased rates Sept 11, 2023.  They are increasing domestic shipping by 3.4% and international by 2.5%.  Currently I charge a flat rate, and  I have just lowered them- However affective April 1st I will be implementing carrier based rates which is based weight and location.

We are committed to ensuring our pricing remains competitive and want to ensure you that you will continue to receive the best quality of product and customer service.  

Myself and my family are truly grateful for all your support and hope that you will continue to shop at Rooted. 

Thank you for your continued and ongoing support and for keeping this Mom at home with her kids, making a small living.  


Kate and all of us at Rooted

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