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Rooted Woven Art

Spin my Scraps / Hand Spun Yarn

Spin my Scraps / Hand Spun Yarn

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With a minimum of a 3 yards and a handful of scraps I will create “seconds” 

new yarn from your old 

it’s a perfect way to live and craft with zero waste. 

send me at min 50g of clean, debris free waste.  This could be threads, off cuts, left over yarn from previous projects. Roving, fabric bits, ribbon, cotton, wool, hemp, acrylic, etc
I will sort through these wastes and depending on what colour, style of yarn you’re after blend and mix with merino wool roving. Add in some sparkle, texture and voila you have a whole skein of new, one of a kind, unique art yarn 

The possibilities are endless and the colours are limitless

2 ply, Corespun and coiled 

the cost is a minimum set price for 3 yards based on 50g of wastes received.  If you’d like me to supply the scraps price will be adjusted based on the  final weight I will also keep any remaining scraps for your next order if you wish.  

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